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Nov 18 thru 31 20010 or until we run out...

Below are some of the Black NOVEMBER Specials- from now until Dec 1st these prices will be available to Facebook Friends. Friend us and save some $. These specials are in store and in stock only-When they are gone, they are gone. Thanks-EZ

Zeagle Ranger $399.99 GONE!

Zeagle Stilleto $349.99 GONE!

Zeagle Stainless Steel Backplate $99.99 GONE!

Zeagle N2ition $349.99Zeagle N2ition 3 $399.99 GONE!

Zeagle Flathead 7 Din 1st only $299.99 Zeagle GONE!

Flathead VI with ZX 2nd stage $$299.99 GONE!

RX3 with kill package installed $379.99 GONE!

RX4 with kill package installed $399.99 GONE!

RX5 with kill package installed $299.99 GONE!

Limited Edition RX4 Grey Rhino with kill package $429.99

Ocean Rhino 1 handed stringer $19.99

Ocean Rhino Spare Shaft Holders $27.99 GONE!

Ocean Rhino Speargun Bags $29.99 GONE!

All Armor bags Super Discount.
and more....





Sales Specials for the Week of 12-09-09 to 12-31-09

Zeagle Ranger BC  $479.99

Envoy Reg  $199.99

Zeagle Scout BC  $199.99

Zeagle Zena BC  $349.99

Envoy Deluxe Reg  $249.99

Flathead 7  Call For Price

Flathead LT Call for Price

Envoy Octo  $99.99

Seahornet 36 $149.99

Seahornet 48 $189.99

More Specials in store- give us a call!


Sales Specials for the Week of 2-09-09 to 2-13-09

All Spearguns  30% off of MSRP

All BCD's 30% off of  MSRP

All Regulators 25% off of MSRP





The Big Special is a great deal on something we have in the shop. You will not find a better deal on these products and they are limited in availability. Get them while they are hot and in stock. Check the dates for the availability for each special. NFD=No Further Discount

Used/Demo/04 Closeouts

Prices Good 'til 11.24.04

Very Limited Stock! First Come First Served-Period!

Ranger LTD BC  $299.99

Zipper BC  $149.99

911 BC  $299.99

Ranger BC  $399.99

ZX Flathead 6 (DIN) 1st&2nd  $199.99

ZX 50D 1st&2nd  $189.99

Sherwood Silhouette BC $99.99

Complete Brut Regulator's $199.99

All Wetsuits- Buy 1 Get one 1/2 Price

Aeris Elite Hoseless Nitrox Computer  $699.99

Aeris AI w/QD   $449.99




Speargun Closeout

Prices Good 'til 11.24.04

Very Limited Stock! First Come First Served-Period!

Spearfishing Specialties

52 Rhino Commercial Rhino Ltd $399.99

48 Rhino Commercial Rhino Ltd $379.99

52 Rhino Classic $229.99

42 Rhino Classic $179.99

48 Rhino Classic  $209.99

52 Mahogany Classic $209.99

AB Biller

48 Special Mahogany $169.99

42 Special Mahogany $149.99

60 Mahogany Ltd $339.99

36 Special Mahogany $139.99

All Bands- Buy 2 get 1 Free!

Call for Used Spearguns in Stock


Zeagle Closeouts!

Good 'til 10.31.04

Zeagle Zena BCD Overstock Limited Quantity & Sizes $339.99

Zeagle Ranger BCD Overstock Limited Quantity & Sizes $439.99

Halcyon Pioneer Systems Overstock Limited Quantity $439.99

Aeris Atmos Computers  Overstock Limited Quantit  $259.99

Rhino And Mahogany Speearguns All 25% off MSRP

Masks and Snorkel Sets -Blowout Prices

All Light On Sale

Dive Bags All 30 % off

All Wetsuits 20 % off

Call Now- Sale End Halloween!!


Big Sale!!!

20% Off of MSRP on All Spearfishing Specialties Guns

From Now till March 30 '04


20% Off of MSRP on All Aeris Dive Computers

From Now till March 30 '04



Overstocks and Display Items

prices good 10/22/03 til 10/31/03 or when it is all gone

Titanium Dive Knives 49.99 (3 left)

30 % Off ALL Bonica Underwater Camera

Sherwood Maximus regulator 269.99 (1 left)

Halcyon 24# Pioneer System 349.99 (1 left)

Halcyon 36# Pioneer Wing 199.99 (2 left)

All Wishbone Speargun Bands Buy 3 get 2 Free

Alll Cable Speargun Bands Buy 2 Get 1 Free

63 cft Aluminum Scuba Cylinder 99.99 (3 left) 

52" Classic Paulope Wood Speargun, 199.99 (1 left)

42" Classic Splash Speargun,  Blue/Blk,  159.99 (1 Left)

42" Classic Rhino Speargun, Blue, 169.99 (2 left)

Zeagle Flathead VI Regulator 299.99 (3 left)

Zeagle Zena BC 289.99 (5 Available)

30% Off all Wetsuits 

52" Commercial Rhino Speargun,  Blk, 479.99 (2 left)

Nitek 3, 3 gas deco Computer,  499.99 (1 left)

Zeagle Ranger BC  389.99 (4 available)

Air Fill Card, 100 fills for 75.99



Some Overstocks and Sale Items for 10-13-02  thru 10-18-02

First Come First Served

Zeagle Ranger 349.99 (5 Left)

Zeagle Zena 289.99 (6 Left)

Zeagle ZX50D 1st&2nd  299.99 (4 Left)

Halcyon Pro 6 18w  799.99 (2 left)

Sherwood Oasis 1st&2nd 229.99 (3 Left)



We have 2 DIN 2001 ZX DS4's left 229.99 each or both for 400.00 First Come First Serve

All Sale Items Sold Out->Memorial Day Sale

Starts 5-20-02 Ends 5-27-02

No Further Discounts

All Sale Items Sold Out->2002 Zeagle Ranger BC 399.99

All Sale Items Sold Out->Ranger LTD BC 499.99

All Sale Items Sold Out->Zena BC 299.99

All Sale Items Sold Out->Flathead & ZX 299.99

All Sale Items Sold Out->Envoy & Z 199.99

All Sale Items Sold Out->Envoy octo 99.99

All Sale Items Sold Out->Envoy 1st & 2nd & Octo & Lp hose & 3 Guage console w/compass 469.99


LP 120     269.99

LP 104     249.99

LP 95    239.99


Oasis reg 229.99

Maximus reg 299.99

Octo 79.99

Brut reg 169.99

Logic EANX Computer 249.99



Pinceton Tec

-Surge 29.99

-Tec 40 14.99

-Shockwave II 44.99


-SL6 27.99

-C8 44.99

0.5 mil Titanium Skins 64.99

Spearfishing Specialties Spearguns

Splash 42 179.99

Splash 48 199.99

Splash 52 239.99



2001 Closeouts

Limited Stock Good until Gone or 2-2-02


!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Nitek C Titanium Nitrox Dive Watch/Computer


2001 Zeagle Rangers 369.99

2001 Zeagle Zenas 329.99

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Body Glove 2 piece 1.5 mil suits  69.99  <==== less than cost!!


!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Dive Rite 10w HID Wreck


Zeagle ZX 50D Chrome Regs 329.99

Zeagle ZX DS IV Chrome Regs 299.99

Get The Last Of the LP 95's with a Valve and Boot 225.99


Buy Any Gun That Is On Special And Get 2 for 1 Extra Shafts

Commercial Rhino 52 419.99

Splash 48 229.99

ABBiller Mahogany 48 Specia179.99

Rhino 48 239.99



Great Deal on LP tanks and HID Lights

Good Until 1-20-02

Tanks with Valve and Boot-$25 upgrade to Sherwood Valve <-(u should do this)

LP 95 249.99

LP 104 275.99

LP 120 285.99

Pro 14 18w 839.99

Pro 6 18w 799.99

Pro 6 10w 529.99

Pro 4 10w 499.99

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Wreck 10w

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>MLS 14 18w




Cannot Guaranty Stock

Not Available After 1-1-02

When they are gone-they are gone!

Zeagle Rangers 379.99

Zena 339.99

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>NITEK3   

Ti Knives  49.99

ABBiller48  Spear Guns  159.99

Commercial SpearGuns 399.99

All masks 40% Off

Sherwood Logic Nitrox Computer 179.99   

Any Snorkel 50% off

Wetsuits 40%






Left Overs From The Last Sales

Prices good until Dec 10, 2001

Sherwood Logic Nitrox Computer $219.99

Zeagle Concept Pro $299.99

Titanium Dive Knife $49.99

Zeagle Ranger $449.99



One Day Thanksgiving Sale

Friday  Nov 23, 2001

No Further Discounts

Offer While Supplies Last

One Day only


Zeagle Ranger $449.99

Zeagle Zena $379.99

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Dive Rite Nitek3

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Dive Rite Nitek

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Dive Rite B'air

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Zeagle Status I

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Dive Rite Dry Suit

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Dive Rite Nitek C

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Dive Rite Reg

Steel 120 $289.99

Steel 104 $279.99

Steel 95 $269.99

Halcyon MC 55# Pkg (Al orSt) $399.99

Halcyon PC 27# Pkg (Al orSt) $439.99

Halcyon Explorer Pro 6 10wHID $579.99

Halcyon Explorer Pro 6 18wHID $849.99

Sherwood Logic Nitrox Computer $269.99

Titanium Dive Knife $49.99

Sherwood Silhouette $169.99

Zeagle Scout $249.99

AB Biller Mahogany 48 Special $179.99

100 Fill Aircard $79.99

10 Fill Nitrox Card $49.99

Sherwood Split Fin $124.99 pr

Any Mask Fin Snorkel -$30 off package NFD

Sherwood Oasis Reg $229.99

Sherwood Magnum Reg $179.99

Sherwood Maximus Reg $299.99

Zeagtle ZX 50D $389.99

Zeagle ZX DS4 $369.99

Zeagle Flathead 6 $399.99





Zeagle 2001 Overstock

NEW 2001 Rangers $489.99
New 2001 ZX50D yoke 1st & 2nds $299.99
New 2001 ZXDS4 YOKE 1st & 2nds $299.99
New 2001 ZX Octo 2nds $169.99
New 2001 Zena BCs $349.99
Sale Ends June 30 '01

NO Further Discounts


OH MY GOSH!! NO, Really....

Zeagle Ranger $339.99...This is the REAL Ranger with the Ripcord weight system. Can you believe the price??? VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.

Zeagle Z/RD regs WHAT?? $199.99  Only a few left.


SALE ENDS March 1 '01





Christmas Specials

Prices Only Good Till Dec 31 '00

Titanium Dive Knives $54.99

Bonica Snapper King $119.99

Sherwood Backpack Bag  -Very Big- $89.99

!!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>Dive Rite Nitek 3

If you are from DiversDiscount Supply-Leave us alone, we beat your prices-like it or lump it!

If you are a customer-check their prices and then call us.

Oh yes-please read the dates on these specials-its simple, if the dates arein the past-the special is over-thnx

-Low Stock-Sherwood AWAC Nitrox Computer $249.99

ABBiller 42" Mahogany $149.99   

Sherwood Magnum BC $159.99

Sherwood Oasis $215.99

Zeagle Rangers (limited stock) $399.99

--LowStock--Tech 50D-280.00

-Sold out-Tech DS4-270.00

Tech US4-260.00

Buy 2 regs and get 20 bucks off.....until they are gone!!!


From 10-10-00 to 10-30-00

Check Out The Suits

Scuba Max 0.5 mil suits (better than Polar Tec)  $59.99 -A $30 Savings


Women's 2 piece, 3 mil Avalon Wetsuits $149.99- A $50 Savings




Zeagle Regulators!!!!

Oops, too much stock.... must reduce inventory

Available July 11-17 '00 ONLY


March 5 thru March 18 '00


Spectrum%20100a.gif (55883 bytes)

Very limited quantity-Spec 100 w/batt w/chrgr





OK, Look below for all the features. Now, get the AWAC-1 Computer for $339.99

WAIT!!! Got a Buddy? Get Two AWAC-1 Nitrox Computers For $599.99


With Sherwood's new Advanced Water Activation Computer, your instrumentation is automatically on as soon as you hit the water. No more need to remember to switch on your computer before the dive. The AWAC-1™ is a nitrox-compatible computer that can be programmed in 1% air increments up to 50%.


Most Important Features How They Work Diver Benefits
Automatic water activation Computer turns on automatically upon immersion
bulletNo need to remember to turn on the computer before the start of the dive
LumibrightŪ display Provides a 3-hour lighting system when exposed to 3 minutes of sunlight; uses no battery power
bulletCan be clearly read in dark or murky waters
User-replaceable battery Common size battery and readily accessible battery compartment
bulletBattery can be easily replaced at the dive site, if necessary
bulletNo need to send unit out for simple battery replacement
Nitrox-compatible Programmable in 1% increments from 21% to 50% oxygen
bulletWorks for all divers, including those who use a nitrox mix
Automatic altitude compensation Computer samples for altitude changes every 10 minutes; automatically changes algorithms to compensate for high altitude
bulletExcellent for diving at high altitudes
Other Features: Large, easy-to-read display; push button technology; PC downloadable 10-dive log memory; decompression stop depths with warning flashers; fits in CNC-3 console.


Feb 2 thru Mar 14 '00

OK, here is the coolest little computer available-NiTek C

NiTek C
Imagine a NiTek dive computer so compact you can wear it all the time -- just as you would a wristwatch! The new NiTek incorporates nearly all the same features as our regular, single-mix NiTek, yet comes in this incredibly diminutive size -- plus a few the NiTek lacks. (And, yes, you can also use it to tell time.)
              !!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>  Super Special-while supplies last-


    Oh yes, don't forget the Zeagle regulators-How about a cave/tech rig-2 Tech DS4 1st and 2nd's as a package  $649.99

    One more thing-the knife and light package- Ocean Guide mini knife (blunt or drop point) and a Princeton Tec Tec 40 light-20% off-as a package


Nov 4 thru Nov 17 '99

Need a computer? Here it is, there's no excuse now... A full decompression AIR computer from a manufacturer that has been there&done that... The DiveRite B'Air computer. We have a box of these that are Bulk Purchase- !!CloseoutsAll Gone!!>>each-Now that is a deal.





Sept 10 thru Sept 21'99

Here is the console that will cover all your needs-SPG, Compass, Compact Boot, and bes of all-The Sherwood AWAC Nitrox/Air programmable Computer. These are a bulk purchase with deep discounts-they will go fast at $299.99 and then they are gone.



July 4 thu July 17 '99

This is the most requested special-Zeagle Ranger $299.99 These are close out stock and will not be available at these prices again.





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